Composition – a description of “About a friend”

My favorite and best friend is Xenia. We have known Ksenia for a very long time. It’s very easy for us to communicate. We live in one house and even an apartment on our one floor. We often spend time together, do homework or play something. Our families are very friendly and we celebrate all holidays together.

Xenia is a very beautiful and pleasant girl. She has fair-haired, well-groomed, long hair. Xenia loves to dismiss them, or to collect a part of the hair with a barrette on the back of the head.
Mom at Xenia is a hairdresser, so on all holidays my girlfriend looks irresistible.

Xenia’s eyes are blue, with one small feature. On her left eye she has a small but noticeable brown spot. This feature was transferred to Xenia by inheritance from his grandfather. The eyebrows are thick and accentuated by her beautiful eyes, which are framed by chic thick eyelashes. The face is round and covered with hardly noticeable freckles. On his face always flaunts

a slight blush. The nose is small and slightly upturned.
Xenia is of medium height and slender. It is always harmonious in it. My girlfriend is dressed with taste. All things are combined in colors. She is very stylish and neat.

Ksyusha’s character is complaisant. She is a very kind and tender girl. It is easy and pleasant in communication. My girlfriend is very kind and compassionate.
Once, we went with her from school and saw a grandmother who could not cross herself. Xenia did not lose her head and immediately ran to her grandmother and offered her help. The old woman did not refuse, and Xenia deftly transferred her across the road.

Xenia is very friendly. She has a lot of friends. She is the leader and the wind. Everybody obeys and respects her.

As Ksyusha’s mother says: “Ksyusha is our gift from God.”

And the truth. I have never met such an open and sympathetic person as Xenia.
Once she stood up for a little girl, who was offended by some guys in the yard. Not being afraid, that itself can get.

Xenia has many hobbies. But the most favorite thing, as my friend says, is singing. Ksyusha sings beautifully and is engaged in music school. He performs at concerts and takes part in various competitions.

In our school there was a contest for the best soloist among all schools of the city, and Xenia took the first place.

I’m very glad that I have such a friend. I treasure her very much and I want us to be friends with her always and never quarreled.

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Composition – a description of “About a friend”