Summary “Grandfather” Nekrasov

Little Sasha once saw in the office of his father a portrait of a young general and decided to ask who it was. Father answered that this man is his grandfather. But he did not talk about him in detail. Thus begins Nekrasov’s poem “Grandfather

Sasha after that ran to his mother and began to question her where this person is now, and why the boy had never seen him. Her mother had tears in her eyes, she sadly told her son that he would learn everything himself when he grew up. Soon this mysterious grandfather came to visit the boy’s family. All together he was met, they were happy. Sasha decided to ask his grandfather why he had not been in the house for so long, and where his uniform was. But he answered, repeating the words of his mother: “You will grow up – you will know.” Poem Nekrasov’s “Grandfather” continues as follows.

Sasha quickly made friends with the protagonist, they spent a lot of time walking together. Grandfather

made an impression of a very wise and experienced man. He was slender and handsome, with a gray beard and white curls. By nature, this man seemed simple, no work did not frighten him. He talked a lot about the village of Tarbagatai, located somewhere beyond Lake Baikal. Sasha could not yet understand exactly where it was located, but hoped to know when he would grow up.

The poem “Grandfather” (Nekrasov), whose brief description we describe, tells, in particular, about what the protagonist was doing when he came home. Grandfather was a general, but despite this, he managed well with the plow, even plowed a whole field alone. Not a minute he did not sit easily. When I arrived home, my grandfather walked, enjoyed nature, fellowship with my grandson, worked all the time (in the garden, now at the plow, I mended something, repaired).

He also sang songs, told stories that were very interesting to the boy who grew up in a good family, instilled in him interest in the fate and history of the Russian people. Grandfather often felt sad, remembering something. When Sasha was interested in the cause

of this sadness, he replied that everything had already passed, everything was fine. After all, quite a different time now, now it’s easier for the people. analysis of the poem of the grandfather of the nerds Earlier in the country he saw so many sufferings that now everything around him seemed calm and peaceful.

Grandfather often sang songs about a free people, a glorious hike, beautiful beauties. Time dragged on right. Grandfather always answered any Sasha’s questions with questions that said: “You will grow up – you will know.” The boy thus developed a keen interest in learning. After a while he was already studying geography and history. The boy could show on the map where Petersburg is located, Chita, much to tell about the life of the Russian people. The grandfather became increasingly ill because of past wounds. He now needed a crutch. He understood, looking at Sasha, that the boy soon learns about the terrible events that occurred recently in Russia – about the Decembrist uprising. Thus ends Nekrasov’s poem “Grandpa”.

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Summary “Grandfather” Nekrasov