“Autumn rain” composition

It’s not always autumn starts with rain. Most often they begin near the end of October. When the Indian summer has already passed, and the beautiful time of the fall leaves has already ended. That’s when autumn begins to behave like a sovereign landlady of nature. All those beautiful bright colors that have delighted us with their motley yet recently, are washed away by the rain. The autumn rain goes, without ceasing, so small, cold, frequent. From the window you can see only the grayness of a rainy day. As if there are no other colors except gray. Everything becomes monophonic.

The sky changed its blue and was covered by gloomy, dark, heavy clouds. It seems that they fall lower over the city. They seem to show how much moisture is contained in them. And it is she who will rain. All the trees said goodbye to their beautiful outfits and now stand naked and sad with wet branches. All the houses on the street became similar to each other – equally gray. The whole

bright palette is over. Her autumn was spent all at the very beginning. And now there are only shades of gray. And it is by them that nature and dreisovyvaet picture of the autumn to the end.

Ended that carefree time when it was possible to walk all day on the street and enjoy the warmth and the sun. Now there is constantly drizzling rain. If you need to go somewhere, then you need to take an umbrella. And it’s necessary to dress warmer now. And this means that the scarf becomes a constant companion. It seems that the autumn rain will never end. He, without ceasing, drumming through the streets, which now look like big puddles. But sometimes the rain still stops and goes quiet for a short while, as if to collect more moisture. And then it starts again, with renewed vigor. The rain is not so warm as it was in the summer. It pours with cold, piercing streams.

Some may seem strange, but I really like the rain. In this weather, of course, you will not take a walk for long, but still there is charm in it. Sometimes, it seems that nature is just thinking about something and that’s why the rain does

not stop. And the mood in these days I have a thoughtful. After all at such a time you can enjoy loneliness and turn to the expanses of your thoughts. You can sink along with the rain and think together with the fall about something. Of course this time is a little sad, but still it is full of expectation and hope. After all, when the rainy autumn is finished, the mistress of the winter will come to take her place. And will change the gloomy gray colors to white.

The rain eclipsed all other sounds with its noise. The birds stopped singing their merry songs. Only the wind is singing along to the rain. There are practically no leaves on the trees. Although you can still see a small piece of paper that hangs alone on a branch, but it will soon disengage from it under the gust of a cold wind. From the rain, the air is filled with moisture, but you do not want to hurry home. When the forest is already behind me, I look back at him and I understand – soon, very soon, winter will come with its rules and regulations.

Evenings are now long, but the days are much shorter. I want to sit in the evening by the window, holding a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, and watch as the day is replaced at night with a steady drizzle. But then came the morning, and the rain passed. The sun shines again in the sky. The brave autumn sun dispelled the clouds with its rays. Although now it almost does not heat. Small puddles dried up, and larger and deeper ones were covered with a thin crust of ice. At night it’s already frosty on the street. All the mud and slush froze, and now it’s much more pleasant to go. Such a beautiful clear morning is good for a walk in the forest. He became quiet after the rain and looks transparent. In this forest there are still mushrooms that did not kill frost. You can still find cranberries. Here it is seen by red flashes along the road.

No matter how wonderful this day was. But still it is coming to an end and you have to go home. Soon there will be evening again, and the night will come into its possession. And tomorrow it will start to rain again. And again there will be drops on the windows, and the trees will become wet and sad. And again the sun will hide and instead of a bright day it will again be gloomy and monotonous. But this will not last long. After all, winter will come very soon and cover everything around with a white duvet. Instead of grayness, silver will glisten.

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“Autumn rain” composition