Composition of nature in the spring

Spring! The awakening of nature.

It is often said about spring: spring is red. “Krasna” – not because there are red flowers. After all, the main color of spring is green anyway. But because it’s beautiful. It’s really a very beautiful time of year. In the early days of spring nature still looks rather unattractive: gray clods of snow, bare black trees. But already so much fun begins to shine and warm the sun, that the picture looks all the same joyful and promising. Everyone knows: a little more and real beauty will come.

Very beautiful and gentle first flowers. They climb out from under the snow. And as soon as the snow melts, the whole earth quickly becomes covered with fresh grass. It is so beautiful, bright, that it is compared to a precious stone, called emerald.

And a week later the buds begin to swell and burst on the trees. An attentive person, passing by the same bush or tree, daily notes how the breaking leaves grow and open. Many trees begin to blossom even before the leaves, for example, pussy will be released. Fluffy gray lumps on the willows resemble small bunnies, which lurk in anticipation of heat.

But the most beautiful is when the fruit trees begin to blossom: apples, pears, plums. The whole tree is covered with large white flowers, and then the petals fall to the ground like snow. From the pestles of the flower begins to tie the fruit. Migratory birds return from wintering. Even in the cities they can hear their cheerful singing, it does not interrupt the sounds of cars and trams. Particularly good birds sing at dawn.

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Composition of nature in the spring