“Characteristics of the mother” composition

For each child my mother is the most beautiful, I was not an exception. For me, my mother is the most beautiful person on earth and I am very glad that she is like her.

Looking at the pictures of her mother in her youth, she was very thin, and her hair streamed to her knee. Very fascinating woman. Many men say that the brown eyes are the most beautiful. And looking at my mother with confidence, you can say that she is the ideal of men’s dreams: she has dark hair, brown eyes and snow-white skin. It is in this combination that it looks unusually beautiful thereby attracting the eye. But, and after she gave birth to me, her style is very much changed, the chic hair was cut and now in addition, and even more. My mother’s face did not change much, if only a little wrinkles appeared, but it does not age it at all.

Although appearance is not the main thing, the most important thing is the soul. My mother was brought up in a German family, so she is very clean and an amateur of order, sometimes such a character trait is called meticulousness. But despite all the external severity, in her heart she is very kind.

My mother is a lover of justice and she has a big heart. She is like a predator ready to fight for me if someone offends. I am very pleased to realize that I have such a defender, so I feel safe and this gives me the courage to move forward. She is also very sensitive person, she is easily offended by the word, but she will never show her tears to people, she always hides everything in herself, but I somehow feel when she is sad. The best medicine for my mom is when I’m with her.

I began to notice that when she often said kind words, she begins to glow with happiness, it is very interesting to watch this process. After all, along with her happy, I myself become.

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“Characteristics of the mother” composition