Composition on the theme “Study”

Training is a very interesting process, which takes up most of the time and attention. In addition, training forms a further life path, professional activity and affects the quality of life itself in the future. Therefore, it is very important to study exactly where it is comfortable and where you can get the necessary professional training.

My university meets the criteria for the educational process and student life. First, it has a fourth level of accreditation, which means its high status and the provision of the opportunity to obtain master’s degrees. Secondly, my university has a very extensive system of study areas. I believe that this is very good, because there is the possibility of a suitable choice from many options. In addition, in this case there is an opportunity to enter another direction, while studying in the main specialty. Such an opportunity is very useful, since in our time sometimes one diploma is not enough to get a prestigious job, so more and more students are trying to learn at once on several departments.

Another weighty argument in favor of my university is active student life, regular holding of various creative events, conferences, a scientific week. We have our own press center at the university and the radio informs the students about the educational process and various competitions, events, etc. Interesting are sports-humorous competitions between the faculties that promote a better immersion in student life and help to show creative talents, and even find new ones friends.

In a separate word, it should be noted that my university has several well-renovated hostels for those students who came from another city. They can live for a period of training near the university in well-equipped rooms.

In general, I believe that my choice of the university was the right one, and at the moment I have the opportunity not only to receive a quality education, but also to develop creatively.

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Composition on the theme “Study”