Summary “Children’s years of Bagrov’s grandson” Aksakov

The memo book describes the first 10 years of the child’s life, which he spent in Ufa and the villages in the Orenburg province. The narrator reproduced the perception of children, for which everything is absolutely new and all equally important, events he does not divide into secondary and main: therefore in this book there is practically no plot.

The whole story is connected with an incoherent, but vivid memory of childhood – a person begins to remember how they took him away from the wet nurse, remember a long illness, from which he practically did not die – some sunny morning when it became much easier for him, a bottle of strange form and much more. The most frequent way is the road, because the journey was considered a real medicine. Serezha recovered after the time when he became particularly ill in a large trip and forced to stop in the forest, parents spread out the bed in high grass. There, Seryozha lay for twelve hours, unable to move, and then he

wakes up. The child feels after the illness a feeling of pity for all suffering. With each recollection of Serezha, the unchangeable existence of the mother unites, which loved him and left her.

Consecutive memories are tied at the age of four. Seryozha lives with his younger sister and parents in Ufa. The disease brought the boy’s nerves to acute susceptibility. According to the story of the nurse, he is afraid of the dark, the dead and so on. All these fears torment him and will continue to torment him. He was taught to read so early that he can not even remember it. He had only one book, which he knew by heart and read it to his sister every day. Therefore, when SI Anichkov, their neighbor, gave him a book by Novikov entitled “Children’s reading for the mind and heart.” Seryozha was so carried away by books that he was like a madman. Particularly impressed by Sergei were those articles that explained snow, thunder, metamorphosis of insects and so on.

Мама, истерзанная болезнью мальчика, очень боялась, что сама подхватила

чахотку, поэтому родители решили отправиться в Оренбург к неплохому врачу. Детей они повезли в Багрово, где живут папины родители. Дорога ребенка поразила: огромные деревья, ночевки в поле и в особенности ловля рыбы на Деме, которая сразу же свела с ума мальчика не менее чтения, добытый кремнем огонь, родники и прочее. Ему было все любопытно, даже тот факт, как земля налипала к колесам и после этого отпадала толстыми пластами от них. Отец радовался этому всему совместно с Сережей, а возлюбленная мама, напротив, брезглива и равнодушна к этому. Люди, встречающиеся им на пути, не только для него новы, однако и малопонятны: малопонятная радость багровских родовых крестьян, которые встретили в деревне Парашине семью, непонятные отношения крестьян с безобразным старостой и так далее; Сережа видит и жатву в жаркое время года, и это возбуждает неизъяснимое чувство жалости.

The crimson patriarchal boy does not like: the house is very small and sad, aunt and grandmother dressed no better than servants in Ufa, grandfather severe and terrible. Sergei witnessed his most insane attack of anger. Then, when the grandfather realized that Sergei was not only in love with his mother, but also with his father, their relationship with his grandson changed dramatically. In Bagrov, which until this moment was not hospitable at all, poorly fed children, so the brother and sister lived a little more than a month. Seryozha was amused, frightening his sister’s stories about unseen adventures. He read it to her and his beloved uncle Yevseich aloud. Aunt gave Seryozha a “Dream Book” and some vaudeville, which had a strong effect on his imagination.

After Bagrov they returned home. This return affected Serezha so much that he grew up sharply when he became surrounded by universal love. The house was visited by the young brothers of the mother, the military, who graduated from Moscow University. From these brothers Seryozha learned about what poetry is, one of his uncles painted a picture and began to teach this to Sergei. Because of this, the boy considers his uncle to be almost a supreme being. SI Anichkov gave him new books. Uncle, along with their friend, the adjutant Volkov, play and tease Seryozha for not being able to write. Sergei seriously resents and in one day rushed into a fight. He was punished and demanded that he ask for forgiveness, but Sergei believes that he is right. When he was left alone in a room set in a corner, he began to dream and then he fell ill with fatigue and excitement. The adults were ashamed,

Seryozha asks that they begin to teach him to write. The house was invited from a public school teacher. One day, most likely on someone’s advice, Seryozha is sent there for a lesson: the rudeness of the teacher and his students frightened him very much, for the teacher at his home was so affectionate with him. Pope Seryozha bought 7000 acres of land with forests and lakes and called it Sergeevskaya wasteland. This boy was very proud. Parents gathered in Sergeevka in order to cure Mother with the help of Bashkir koumiss. Sergei could not even think of anything else. He watches tensely the way the river flows.

In Sergeyevka the house for the owners did not finish building, but it even amuses. Seryozha, along with his father and uncle Evseich, left on Lake Kishki. This lake Seryozha considers personally his. He sees hunting with guns for the first time and feels a kind of greed, along with unknown joy. The summer was spoiled by guests, although they were infrequent. Ufa after Sergeevka disgusted. Seryozha was entertained only by the gift of his neighbor: the poem “Rossiada” by Kheraskov and the collected works of Sumarokov. He recites a poem and tells his family various details, invented by himself, about adored characters. Mother is laughing, and her father was worried. There are news of the death of Catherine II. Seryozha listened attentively to these incomprehensible conversations of agitated adults.

Пришло известие о том, что умирает дедушка, и вся семья сразу же собралась ехать в Багрово. Сережа побоялся смотреть на умирающего деда, он боится, что мама заболеет от этого всего, и что зимой они могут замерзнуть в дороге. По пути Сережу мучали унылые предчувствия. Дед умер через день после их приезда, дети успели с ним попрощаться. Сережу поразили объяснения няни Параши, почему дед не плакал и не кричал: он был парализованным, только смотрел и шевелил губами.

The behavior of relatives in Bagrovie was vexedly surprised Seryozha: 4 aunts fought, fell to the feet of his brother, who was the real master of the house. Grandmother gave in to power to her mother, and all this is against her. All but the mother are crying at the table and eating with a huge appetite. After dinner, Sergei first realized the beauty of nature in winter. When they returned to Ufa, Seryozha again experienced a shock: his mother almost dies, giving birth to a son.

Seryozha’s father became the master of Bagrov after the death of his grandfather. He retired, and the family moved to Bagrova. Rural works like Serezha, he does not even understand why his mother and little sister are indifferent to this. He tries to comfort and pity his grandmother, whom he practically did not know. But she was accustomed to beat the yard, so she quickly turns away from her grandson. Mother and father Sergei Praskovya Kurolesova is calling; Pope Seryozha is her heir and therefore she did not contradict anything. The rich house of the widow Kurolesova at first seems to the child a palace from a fairy tale by Scheherazade. The widow has become friends with Seryozha’s mother and for a long time does not let the family back to Bagrovo. Meanwhile, fussy life in a foreign house in which guests are constantly staying, Seryozha is exhausted, and he thinks about returning to Bagrovo.

On his return home, Sergei really sees the spring. Seryozha’s insomnia started from excitement. In order for him to fall asleep better, the housekeeper Pelageya told him a fairy tale. With the onset of autumn, at the request of Kurolesova, their family is staying in Churasov. Papa Serezha promises his grandmother to return to the Pokrov. At night, Papa had a terrible dream. The next morning they receive news of her grandmother’s illness. The family almost dies on the road to Simbirsk. Grandma dies on the Pokrov. Everyone is amazed. Next winter, the Crimson gathered in Kazan to pray to the miracle workers. In Kazan, they expected to stay no more than 2 weeks, but everything was different. Sergei’s childhood ends here and boyhood begins.

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Summary “Children’s years of Bagrov’s grandson” Aksakov