“Winter in the Forest” composition

How beautiful the winter forest looks and how good it is for a walk! Everything around is white, covered with soft fluffy snow. On the branches of mighty trees, especially on the broad paws of evergreen trees, small piles of snow, similar to real hats, lay down. All trees bent, strained with snow. When such a hat falls from a branch, it straightens out and, as if shooting, aspiring to the sky.

The sky is blue and pure, like a tear. The sun shines with snow, shimmering and playing in the sunshine of the mean winter sun with all the colors of the rainbow – it’s even painful to look at this luxury of nature. Frosty. The snow humming and creaking underfoot. And if you take a little snow in your hands and carefully consider it, you can see individual snowflakes, which are the best work of art of a wonderful master – nature itself. As if some fairy-tale jeweler skillfully carved these openwork tiny stars. Trees in the forest are everywhere covered not only with snow,

but with hoarfrost and frost. In the forest on a winter’s day it’s quiet, it seems that everyone is asleep, covered with a snow-white blanket. Sounds in the frosty air are heard very quickly and sound far away. Therefore, to hear that not all are asleep – that’s the crow croaked, and now forty gesticulations, but there was a voice from another winter bird. And just next to him is a twitter. For a walk I took a little bread and flour, the same I will fill it with birds, because in winter they have to find it very difficult to find food on the ground covered with a snow cover, it’s very difficult.

No, for sure, not all sleep in the winter forest. Here and someone’s footprints in pure snow. Who ran here? Most likely, it was a hare in its white winter sheepskin fleeing from a hungry gray wolf or from a red-haired beauty – a fox. The sun hides in the winter very early, so do not hesitate. It’s time for me to hurry home, because the snow on the bonnets of the Christmas tree turns pink, and the white slender birches themselves become pink and golden. Here first the blue,

and then the violet and blue shadows make their way through the snow between the silent trees. The sky begins to blush in the west, and from the east the darkness is swiftly approaching, which in a matter of minutes catches up the traveler and forces him to hurry to his house. You can already see even the thin crescent of the new moon.

It gets dark, it gets much colder. And I return home, walking back in my tracks, once again crunching the crunchy snow. And only I came out of the forest, turned around, and the forest was completely black against the blue snowy carpet. Good night, quiet and friendly winter forest, covered with a beautiful winter veil, we’ll see you again!

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“Winter in the Forest” composition