Thanks to the grandfather for the victory

Every spring, our country celebrates the day of the Great Victory, forever included in our memory. It is unlikely that there will be a person whose heart would not contract with this short but terrible word – WAR. Yes, for all Russian people, the Great Patriotic War was a surprise. And she brought a lot of grief. So many people died that it’s difficult to even count. How much torment, suffering and tears she brought. Outstanding heroes of great historical events. the participants in the Great Patriotic War are not strangers to us, they are our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. They fought for our happiness, so that we could live peacefully on the earth. In those terrible days, a lot of people died, including my great-grandfather, among the brave men.

In the first year of the war, my great-grandmother received a funeral and no one knows how or where my grandfather died. I have never seen it, but the memory of it is the main wealth of my soul. I will always be grateful

to my stranger, but my great-grandfather for giving me his life for the liberation of his Motherland. The memory of my dear ancestor prompts me with special care and attention to treat every veteran of the War. After all, they also survived all the horrors of the war, they fought to protect their land, their wives and children. We must always remember their feat. We must help veterans and war workers. And do not forget what price our happiness and freedom were bought. To all the veterans I want to say thank you very much for the fact that we now live in peace.

Let those few participants of the war who have survived to this day know that their cause, their exploits, the death of their comrades-in-arms were not in vain. that the memory of them has not died out and the gleams of their combat feats and glory will illuminate the way to new generations! And Victory Day will always remain the brightest, the greatest and only holiday, which is met with a joyful sinking of the heart. and at the same time – with tears in his eyes. We should be proud of those who gave their lives for us and always remember them… They say that a person is alive until they remember him. So let’s keep in our hearts the memory of those who died in the struggle for freedom of the Motherland, for OUR WITH YOU freedom! Thank you, veterans! Glory to you, the deceased! Thank you, Grandfather.

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Thanks to the grandfather for the victory