Painting Romadin “The first flowering”

Landscapes of Mikhail Nikolaevich Romadin are considered to be among the best in the XIX century. But to me from all the landscapes of this talented artist most like the picture “The first flowering.” This picture is very unusual, when I look at it, I feel both sadness and joy. This canvas fascinates me, and if you look at it for a long time, it seems to come to life, and I start to hear the murmur of a stream and stupefying smells of flowers.

The picture shows the very beginning of spring. When the trees had not yet turned green, they were already awakening from sleep and covered with small buds and flowers. Against the background of the gray sky, which makes the picture slightly dull, boring, gray and joyless, these first flowers on the trees are evidence that the sun will soon peer out from behind the clouds, warm the earth with its rays, and the flowers in the trees will become fruits, and the kidneys will turn in leaves that give a shadow on a sunny day.

In the meantime, all the trees and bushes were only prepared for the future riot of greenery and bright colors of the summer. In their first flowering, these plants remind me of young brides – timid, touching, innocent, but believing that this moment will be the beginning of a new life for them. So these trees stand over the water, reflected in it, as in a mirror and admiring their beauty. And the picture directly smells of the spring freshness of nature, which awakens from hibernation.

In this picture, it seems to me, the artist did not specially apply bright saturated colors. She wrote in calm tones, which teach us all to look for beauty in small things, in ordinary things, which we often pass by without thinking. Looking at this picture, I want to escape from the city fuss and go to nature, so that there will enjoy peace and quiet and become, for at least some time, its inseparable part.

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Painting Romadin “The first flowering”