Painting by Romadin “Verba in the Flood”

The landscape of “Verba in the Flood” is devoted to the depiction of early spring, which, on the one hand, is beautiful and long-awaited, but on the other hand it is wayward and very changeable. It reminds us of a young whimsical beauty. The weather is changing every now and then. Heat and cold, sun and rain take turns seizing power over nature. Spring insistently claims its rights.

Flood is beautiful, but it’s time for all wildlife. In this picture we see a wide revelry of the water element. The river spilled into all directions, stretching almost to the horizon. The water is dark, unfriendly and even seemingly cold. The banks were flooded, only the tops of bushes shyly peep out of the water.

In the center of the canvas is a large and magnificent shrub of willow. It blooms, despite the wildfire of the spring element. Verba lonely rise above the spill. Their reddish branches with fluffy light tips seem a little sad, sad, frosty from the cold water and

wind. They are separated from the rest of the bushes and trees. Submissively and patiently young willows wait when the flood is over, the soil will dry out a little and steady heat will come. Then around them green grass will turn green, different flowers will appear, and white birches on the neighboring shore will be covered with clouds of tender foliage. In the forest they begin to sing and twiddle their nests of a bird.

This picture is made in contrasting colors – light and dark. So, below, we see a dark shade of the flooded river, almost black shade of the bushes and the side of the boat. However, at the top, in the sky everything is full of light: white clouds that fly away into the distance, blue in their gaps. Verbs are also depicted in contrast: dark trunks and light, like a descending cloud, the tops.

I think that with the help of opposite colors and shades the artist wanted to show the contradictory nature of early spring and the hope that soon it will be replaced by another time – the time of heat and light.

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Painting by Romadin “Verba in the Flood”