“The feat of the people in the Second World War” composition

For 56 years the country is illuminated by the light of the victory of the Great Patriotic War. She got a hard price. For 1418 days our country was on the roads of the hardest of wars to save all mankind from fascism.

We did not see the war, but we know about it. We must remember the price at which happiness was won. We must not forget about those 5 girls from the story of Boris Vasilyev “A dawn here quiet”, who went to defend their homeland. Do they have to wear men’s boots and tunics, do they have machines in their hands? Of course not. But they went to meet fascist thugs. They were not frightened and were not at a loss, at the price of their lives they fulfilled their duty to their homeland.

Particularly fascinating is the feat of Zhenya Komelkova. The red beauty rescues the group three times. The first time – in the scene at the channel. For the second time, the sergeant-major rescued from death when the German settled on him. In the third –

took fire on themselves, leading away from the wounded Ossianina Germans. Komelkova sacrificed herself for the sake of others.

Immortal is the feat of those soldiers who defended Stalingrad. Yuri Bondarev tells about these heroes in the novel “Hot Snow”. Realizing the significance of Stalingrad for our country, General Bessonov gives the order: “Stop and forget about death! Fight to the last bullet, to the last drop of blood!” And the soldiers carried out the order. Only four gunners and two machine-gunners remained alive. Bessonov, bypassing the post-fight positions, wept without fear of his tears, cried that his soldiers had survived, defeated, did not let the Nazi tanks to Stalingrad, because they had carried out his order, although they had perished themselves.

The battle was terrible, everything burned: tanks and people. It seemed even that the snow was burning. The soldiers perished, knowing full well that they were giving their lives for the sake of happiness, in the name of freedom, in the name of a clear sky and clear sun, for the sake of future happy generations.


they performed a feat, they died, but did not give up. Consciousness of their duty to the Motherland drowned out both a sense of fear, and pain, and thoughts of death. Hence, it is not an unconscious action that is a feat, but a conviction of the rightness and grandeur of the cause for which a person deliberately gives his life.

Thousands of people did not spare themselves, giving their lives for a just cause. Therefore, with great admiration, you read the lines from the letter of Maselbek, the hero of the story by Ch. Aitmatov, The Mother’s Field: “We did not beg for war, and we did not start it, it’s a huge misfortune for all of us, all people, and we must shed our blood, give their lives to crush to destroy this monster. If we do not do it, then we will not be worthy of the person’s name. In an hour I’m going to fulfill the mission of the Motherland. It is unlikely that I will return alive. I go for the sake of the people, for the sake of victory, for the sake of everything beautiful, that is in Man. “

Such people have defeated fascism. Their feat is immortal, because it will live forever.

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“The feat of the people in the Second World War” composition