The Painting Savrasov “Thaw”

A special place in the creative work of AK Savrasov is occupied by the spring landscapes. Some such pictures tell of the joy of awakening nature, others – full of aching sadness. One of the deepest lyrical works is the painting “Thaw”, written in 1874.

The plot of the picture is unsophisticated – a boundless plain covered with snow, a group of trees chilly in the damp cold air, several poor peasant houses and a white church in the distance. The gray sky seems infinite.

We feel as if a light and warm whiff of spring sweeps along the cold and damp plain. It is still very weak, but from this caress here and there the snow melted, the trees started to revive and revive. The scent of spring attracted migratory birds. A merry flock has scattered among the trees and keeps telling everyone the joyful news about the approach of heat…

Surprisingly spiritual and piercing this picture seems. Savrasov warmly and sincerely tells about the quiet charm of early spring. He does not just represent nature. Through the painting, the painter as if opens his heart before us, and we plunge into the world of the author’s experiences. For this canvas AK Savrasov characterized by pastel, soft colors, special subtlety and smoothness of the picturesque solution.

The painting “Thaw” is extremely musical. In a simple, unpretentious landscape Savrasov managed to find those infinitely native, heartfelt notes that so touch the heart of every person, raise the brightest feelings in him.

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The Painting Savrasov “Thaw”