The Painting Nechiporenko “Autumnal melody”

It’s good to be in the midst of the golden autumn by the forest lake. After a long road on the shore, we arrange a halt. We sit down on the fallen tree and freeze in silent admiration. In the mirror of water – the golden glare of nature, which fades. In the lake, the leaves of old huge trees change with golden colors. They are like hourly lakes. The trees almost came close to the water and froze near the shore. The shore of the lake is fringed with pale green thickets, which are also reflected in the water. But this greens can not compete with the gold of nature, blooming with its last, autumn color. It seems that gold bars frame the branches of trees. Quite close to the lake came the magnificent willow bushes.

And on top of the lake’s surface there is a heavenly blue. It seems that from this blue blown frost. Blue frosty breath

Eba muffled the big white clouds. They are also reflected in the lake. The linen of clouds reminds us of a near cold, of white snow. I peer into this beauty of golden autumn and feel that something is missing. Birds! However, the lake is not alone – wild ducks did not leave it. They just hide somewhere in the thickets. There is a splash of water. This, perhaps, the fish splashes, jumping out of the water, or a duck, and maybe a breeze came and struck the shore. The lake water does splatter a little, but it does not stop to consider trees, clouds in it. From the lake and trees, which mysteriously darken in the distance, it is calm and cozy. We know that every autumn day is unique, perhaps by the morning, the crowns of trees will thin out even more. But it’s tomorrow…

While we enjoy the beauty of this amazing autumn day.

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The Painting Nechiporenko “Autumnal melody”