The composition “My school is the best”

The main thing in the destiny of a person begins with school. As you will be in school years, this you will become in later life. I’m studying in a wonderful school № 1 of Abakan. I am sure that this school will be able to educate and teach. My school has the best teachers. I think that not everyone can let a child into his heart, give him love, care and kindness.

The school I’m in is seventy years old. But it seems to me that no new school can convey the kindness and warmth that radiates the walls of my school, for years, keeps calls of change, loud exclamations and laughter of students, strict but correct instructions of teachers…

I like my school. My older brother also studied in it. When I was little, I often went with my brother to school on different holidays and trembling, going to this temple of science, looked at his tall vaults. I knew for sure that I would come again here in a few years, only with a briefcase on my shoulders. It all happened.

Now I have been studying at school for seven years, and I fell in love with her and, of course, teachers. But the school gives not only knowledge. It gives an irreplaceable life experience. She prepares us for a new interesting life. As a caring and kind mother, she gives all the most precious things she has without demanding anything in return.

I love my school and am glad that I study in it. Here I discovered my inner world, I knew my inner self. The school is my second home, and every time I come in here with a smile and a good mood.
The school is better years of my life – youth. And I give some of it to my school. I’m glad that my youth is here!

When the autumn frowning day
For the first time I entered the school,
I was enveloped by warmth,
Like from a fire that does not burn.

Brela, I’m slowly down the hall.
I was unfamiliar with everything.
Now I know my school
And every corner of it.

And through the familiar corridors I’m
usually used to go to class
And, despite all the conversations,
I’m always glad to go.

And though now I know everything
But on a gloomy day, like the first time.
I am warmed by the warmth of the school…
And I will enter the familiar class.

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The composition “My school is the best”