Painting by Gerasimov “Rain”

Cleanliness, freshness, life affirmation in nature and in the soul of the artist – the feelings conveyed by the painting “After the Rain” by AM Gerasimov. Contemplation of this canvas can not but create in our soul a feeling of invigorating novelty, because the rain-washed habitual world around us invariably makes us look at everyday things in a new way, and this new look not only brings a surprising discovery in everyday life, but also in the soul of a person. Mastery and accuracy in the transfer of the state of nature and man – the main thing that attracts us in this picture.

The picture shows a few details: we see a boarded terrace, a table on it, and on it there is a vase of flowers and a glass overturned by the wind. In the background of the picture there is a green of trees. However, each of the elements of the picture is depicted by the author with such skill that we, the spectators, almost physically feel the coolness and freshness.

The author

captured the moment when the rain just passed. Almost mirror shine sparkling wet plank floor terrace, railing and bench. All around is lit by a damp glint. The sun’s light is not durable, as it does after the rain.

The wind that accompanied the rain disheveled the bouquet standing on the table, and the petals of flowers were now scattered on the table. The wet surface of the table reflects an overturned glass beaker.

On the railing of the terrace are almost hung branches of trees, the greenery of which, washed by rain, looks like a spring new. Through the branches of bushes and thick flowering bushes in the courtyard can be seen the wet roof of the shed in the garden. The leaves of the tree depicted in the left corner of the picture are not clearly drawn – this is the wind that has not abated yet, does not allow the viewer to see the foliage, it turns it into a riotous green mass. In the corner of the picture, we can see a patch of sky – it has not cleared up after the rain, remains cloudy, but it is already felt that the sun will soon appear.

In themselves, the colors of the

picture are not bright: the terrace is brown, the table is dark brown on it, the greenery of the trees is dark green, as it happens at the end of summer. But the moisture that poured from the sky completely changed beyond expression beyond recognition, giving the simple wooden terrace a view of the palace chambers in the kingdom of nature. It seems that, according to the command or whim of some higher forces, the raining rain radically changed the idea of ​​the ordinary. And immediately Tyutchev is remembered:

You say: windy Hebe,

Feeding Zeus’s eagle,

Thunder-boiling goblet from the sky

Laughing, I spilled on the ground.

The artist was able to convey the extraordinary ability of nature to change, which speaks of his sincere love for his native nature, his native places. In general, the pictures of AM Gerasimov are closely related to the experiences of a person, they always influence the feelings of people. For him to understand nature meant to convey his innermost thoughts, reflections on the place of man in the world, about his complex and contradictory relations with the surrounding world.

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Painting by Gerasimov “Rain”