Painting Vishnyak “Bouquet of September”

Maria Vladimirovna Vishnyak is a famous contemporary artist. Her paintings are in private collections, as well as in museums around the world. In his work M. Vishnyak continues the traditions that the famous Russian masters of painting developed. In her paintings, especially in landscapes, the artist conveys, first of all, the mood, the spiritualized beauty of her native land. Look at her pictures of “Ocean” or “Sunny Cyprus”, “The Sadness of Autumn Light” or “The Presentiment of Autumn”, and you will understand how beautiful the world is, what an amazing harmony reigns in it.

The same impression is produced by the still lifes of Maria Vishnyak. Her paintings “The Smells of Summer”, “Lilac”, “The Bouquet of September” are filled with sunlight, the smell of blossoming flowers: spring, summer, autumn. Especially want to highlight the painting “Bouquet of September.” Autumn is a time of

magnificent, but very short riot of colors. And then comes the time of withering. Probably, therefore, the picture “Bouquet of September” attracts attention with its bright colors, modest, but beautiful colors, the last before the onset of a long and cold winter.

The painting shows a bouquet of flowers placed in an elegant blue vase. Simple wildflowers against the background of a bluish-blue wall, the same shade of tablecloth leaves an inexpressible sense of gentle modesty and surprising beauty. In this autumn bouquet are mixed all kinds of flowers. This is blue chicory, and field chamomile, and inconspicuous convolvulus, and yellow tansy. But how beautiful is the bouquet. Next to it is not lost, but, on the contrary, complements his small bouquet in an inconspicuous brown pot.

These are convolvulus with soft pink flowers. They timidly quieted down next to their friends, who are more than them, and more noticeable, and brighter. And so the convolvulus lowered their heads. But the big bouquet seemed to reach out to his humble brethren. And the convolvulus clung to them and stretched upwards. And

peace and quiet are all around. But this peace is not withering, but the triumph of life. Because in the painting “The Bouquet of September” there lives every flower, every leaf.

Nature gives a man extraordinary pleasure. It can be admired infinitely long. It is this kind of admiration for simple wildflowers, which are absolutely inconspicuous in the summer (well, who pays attention to bindweed?) Is felt in the work of Maria Vladimirovna Vishnyak. She invites and the viewer to join the eternal beauty of the surrounding world, capturing it in their paintings.

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Painting Vishnyak “Bouquet of September”