The Painting Vrubel “Lilac”

The canvas of Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel “Lilac”. as well as “Pan” and “Swan Princess”, refers to the “Fairytale cycle” of the famous painter’s works and reflects the mystical forces of nature that so impressed him and his constant search for the national soul of the Russian people.

Vrubel’s picturesque gift in colorism stood out even during his studies, but he continued to deepen it, improve, finding new, previously unknown combinations and brought the use of flowers to such perfection that even ordinary objects seemed quite different in his paintings.

Many artists were impressed by the blossoming trees and bushes in spring and summer, but the lilac, occupying the entire space of the picture, first sounded so unusually and strongly that it was recognized as one of the best landscapes written by Mikhail Vrubel.

In the evening twilight, huge lilac bushes appear before the gaze of the surprised spectator

and it seems that they filled absolutely all the space, leaving no room for the earth, nor the sky, nor even a man.

The inflorescences of this shrub, blossoming at the end of spring and filling with the intoxicating aroma of warm May nights, shimmer with all shades of purple, lilac and gleams of white.

Finding yourself in this realm of lush flowering, embodying all the ramparts of life, involuntarily succumbed to the magic of flowering blossoms in full force, and filled with the violent energy of life.

It is this sensation of spreading and immense beauty, eclipsing everything, passed to the lilac, as if leaving even beyond the boundaries of Vrubel’s painting. The lilac breathes, smells and dopes. Evening twilight brings to mind the unreality of the landscape, giving a mystical and mysterious character.

A small figure of a fragile dark-haired and swarthy girl hid under the vast ocean of raging lilac magnificence, and she seems so small, insignificant and subordinate to the mighty forces of nature.

The facial features can hardly be guessed at dusk, and the dark, unedetalized dress

of the beauty makes her look like a magical character – the spirit of lilac inflorescences. The border between flowers and a lone character is blurred and seems to be inextricably linked to each other.

Considering this picture and admiring the large brush strokes of the artist, you involuntarily think about the fragility of beauty, the powerful mystical forces of nature, the perishability of life and the fleeting sense of happiness, joy and spiritual comfort.

This is the genius and grandeur of the famous Russian mystic artist Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel.

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The Painting Vrubel “Lilac”