Painting Konchalovsky “Lilac in the basket”

About the famous artist P. P. Konchalovsky it is known that he was also a wonderful gardener, skillfully and lovingly grew different flowers. And on his canvas “Lilac in a Basket” he painted a fragile and tender spring bouquet. You can guess that these branches of the lilac are only recently cut off: you can see how fresh they are, what juicy and bright petals. There are also buds. They are very elegant and will soon reveal themselves in all their beauty. Then the bouquet will become even more magnificent and beautiful!

Probably, among these beautiful flowers there are also some special ones – those with five petals. They can be found and make their cherished wish. They say that it will come true.

This bouquet is made with great taste. Lilacs of different colors and shades – lilac, pink, white, blue and lilac – creates a very colorful combination. She can not help admiring. It seems that you feel the delicate and delicate aroma of these beautiful

flowers, you feel their cool touch. A talented artist has shaded the inflorescence of lilac with its leaves. Dark green, slightly yellowish, light green, they complement the still life and make it simply luxurious. It’s fun to watch. Immediately there are thoughts about the spring, on the fine May days. It seems a slightly overgrown garden in which lilac bushes bloom violently and among them there is a small low house.

The artist placed his luxurious bouquet of lilac in a simple wicker basket. Probably, it is made of willow twigs. This simple design does not distract viewers from juicy and lush colors. Brightness and multicolored lilac branches are especially visible on the dark brownish background of the table, the basket and the back wall.

Perhaps the main idea of ​​this wonderful picture is the desire to show the simple, natural and touching beauty of the surrounding nature. This beauty does not have to be found in exotic plants, it is very close. It is worth scrutinizing, and even a small flower will surprise and delight us with its unique charm.

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Painting Konchalovsky “Lilac in the basket”