Painting by Vasilyev “Thaw”

Fedor Vasilyev wrote his famous painting Thaw in 1871. This work of the young artist caused tremendous success among the public, which was acquired by PM Tretyakov, the painting received the artist’s awarding prize, and received positive reviews at the World Exhibition in London. minor mood of the canvas, copies were ordered by famous people, one of them was made at the request of the imperial family.

The painting depicts an early spring. Nature only wakes from hibernation. All the painting is executed in gray, brown tones. The central place is occupied by the road, driven by carts, it turned into a mash of melted snow and earth. A peasant stands on a deserted road and holds a little girl by the hand. The child looks at and shows his hand to the birds that have flown, who, seeing the ground under the melted snow, try to profit at least something.

To the left of the road there is still a small layer of snow, it covers bushes and trees along the road, as if the winter

has not yet decided: whether to retreat to it under the onslaught of green spring. To the right of the road the pond has already melted.

Along the pond is a solitary hut, the whole roof of which is covered with snow.

In the background there are tall trees of dense forest. Above this landscape is a low gray sky, the clouds in it make it a thick and impenetrable obstacle to the sun’s rays. That’s why the whole picture is in the shadows, we just guess that the artist depicted the day.

Vasilyev’s picture was a little dull, but he managed to paint beautifully the deserted fields, still sleeping under a snow blanket. In the picture everything is a little in the fog, from this all lines are so smooth and soft.

Perhaps, such a spring as Vasilyev portrayed, the least favorite, but nature does not have bad weather, and in this landscape of spacious Russian land there is its own charm. Especially from the picture and breathes the fresh breath of spring, a slight breeze, looking at the canvas heard the first timeless chirping of birds.

And in just a couple of weeks the dark and dark landscape of spring can make exciting, bright and juicy.

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Painting by Vasilyev “Thaw”