Letter to a friend

Hello, Natasha! Writes you your friend Tanya. I hasten to respond to your message, for I have been waiting for your letter so long!

You ask what I do and how things are going with me. To this I can only tell you that everything is just fine for me: I study “good” and “excellent” (apart from mathematics, with which, as you remember, I have eternal problems), after lessons I go to study English in mug at the House of Culture, and in my spare time I am engaged in various interesting affairs. I’ll tell you more about this.

First, I started drawing now. I draw with crayons on paper. The heroes of my drawings are mostly animals: horses, dogs, giraffes. And I learned to draw them thanks to one good book – “How to learn to draw animals for 50 lessons.” I am sending you one of my “creations” in this letter. Write me, please, whether you liked this drawing.

Secondly, recently I got carried away by the works of Ricky Martin and now I collect everything that concerns himself and his songs: clippings from magazines, posters, photographs, CDs, articles. It is very interesting!

Well, that’s all! Bye! Write me more often!

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Letter to a friend