“My first friend, my friend is priceless…”

Everything in the world has a beginning. Once, the first time you won the dispute, the first time you read the word, for the first time you were delighted to win over yourself. Once upon a time you saw a man who became your friend, the first, priceless friend! Friendship… What does this word mean? First of all, kind, friendly, intimate relationships between people. It is a great happiness if you meet a person with whom you can share all your problems along with your life, together rejoice at your success. Very often, friendship arises from the unity of souls: the same life principles, tastes, beliefs. But very often very different people are friends, complementing each other.

That’s what happened to me. My first friend, Sasha, whom we met while in kindergarten, is the exact opposite of me. Thin, with huge, thoughtful eyes of a greenish-gray color, always neatly and tastefully dressed. He likes to read a lot and knows everything, I think. It’s always interesting

with him. He is not a “scholar” at all, just the world of science and literature is his element. And he also has an amazing feature: the need to share everything he has learned. If you start to tell, you will hear. Friendship with him fills my life with happiness. We like to rejoice together more than complain about failures. He enjoys listening to stories about my sports affairs, he can leave all his worries and go with me to the stadium to watch a football match. It’s easier and more fun for me to live next to my friend!

We study in different schools, each of us has friends-classmates, but for many years now I feel that my first friend is a real friend. First, he never failed me, did not deceive my trust. Secondly, Sasha, like no other, understands me and always tells me how to act properly. I never get bored with him, I think, would spend with him all the days long.

In life there are many examples of real, beautiful friendship. Pushkin and Pushchin… Their devotion to each other, sincerity and loyalty in friendship conquer me. And I’m so pleased that my friend’s name,

like the great Russian poet, Alexander. And I, though not at all like a serious, famous person – the Decembrist Pushchin, like him, – Ivan. It seems to me that there is something symbolic about this. But what should we learn from these wonderful people, so this is the ability to cherish the friendship. In a solitary, sad house brought to the disgraced poet, even his own father betrayed, and all friends were afraid to mention his name, the only faithful Ivan Puschin comes. Comes, not being afraid of denunciations to the tsar, nor skewed views of the Petersburg nobility.

Life has not yet experienced our friendship for strength. But I believe that we will preserve our sense of friendship for many years and will always help us overcome difficulties and inspire our souls.

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“My first friend, my friend is priceless…”