A letter to a friend

Hello, Kostya! Hello, my friend! How is your life? Moving gradually? Everything is fine with me. I want to tell you a story that happened to me quite recently – last month.

At the weekend we are the whole family: Dad, Mom, Sister and I – went to rest outside the city, into the forest. Dad prepared houses for meat for shish kebab, seized a tent and fishing gear, and my mother took out warm clothes, because it was already an early autumn – what we call a woman’s summer.

In the forest it was wonderful, warm and surprisingly quiet. We cooked shish kebabs, I went fishing with my dad to a small forest river, and my mother and my sister Natasha collected mushrooms – autumn mushrooms. And in the evening we sat by the fire and sang our favorite songs. And then we lay down to sleep: my father and I were in a tent, and my mother and sister were in the car.

That’s so wonderful, I spent my weekend last month. And how are you, Kostya, resting with your family? Do you go to nature?

Goodbye my friend! Write me more often.

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A letter to a friend