Letter to the literary hero

(According to the work of AI Kuprin “Garnet Bracelet”)

I can not express to you, Vera Nikolaevna, my indignation. It may be cruel of me, but everyone has the right to their own opinion, and I want you to know it, despite the pain that it can cause you. You are a cruel woman who did not want to understand the feelings of the person who worshiped you. He loved the sublime, pure, platonic love, he bowed before you. After all, perhaps this love would illuminate your life path, you were waiting for this kind of love. After all, you wanted to be loved, do not you begin to deny that sometimes you were visited by insane thoughts about the possibility to respond to this unearthly love?

But what kept you? Decency? Faithfulness to her husband? Condemnation of relatives? No, fear! Yes, yes, it is fear. You were mortally afraid to change the way of your life, your favorite monotony. And what did you achieve? You killed this love, killed your fan. It’s as if they pulled the trigger themselves. Of course, you repented and now you often think about how your life would turn out, answer your noble love.

But now it is too late, there is no way back, and you will ask yourself this question all your life, and on his conscience lies his death. Maybe I’m wrong. I have no right to condemn you, but still I condemn you for missing your only chance in life – being loved. But you made your choice.

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Letter to the literary hero