Composition “My favorite subject is history”

I think that a truly educated person can be considered only when he knows and respects the history of his state. Each country develops in different ways. There are always ups and downs, wars and quiet times. And we need to respect our ancestors, because it is from their lives that the history of our Motherland develops. In the case of military times, we are indebted to them for living in a free country now.

At the lessons of history, we learn a lot of interesting things. The teacher tells us about different countries, their traditions, cultural characteristics. Each state is unique. I believe that such diverse information helps to make the history lesson more informative, interesting, unusual. We with classmates learned a lot about the state rulers. At different times they were called in different ways: kings, emperors, princes, and presidents.

The teacher gives us homework, in which we team up and work on creative projects. We prepare reports, write abstracts, even we make crossword puzzles on historical topics. Do not forget our teacher and about modern teaching aids. Sometimes at the end of the lesson we look at slides telling about the life of this or that king. It turns out very interesting. I never thought that history can be so fascinating. Thanks to our teacher, this subject became a favorite for me and I even plan to link my future profession with him.

Recently, I learned a lot about the rulers of Russia, Russia. I began to study a lot of additional literature on this topic. My classmates also followed my example. After lessons or on changes, we often discuss what we read, share impressions, books. I am proud to be born and live in a country with such a rich history!

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Composition “My favorite subject is history”