What is a letter?

In the literary Russian of the 18th century, the very word “letter” expressed the general meaning: composition, work. And under the great influence of Polish-language vocabulary in Russian in the 18th century, perhaps “writing” as a word meant not only litterae (writing, letters), but also opus.

What is a letter in fact?

A letter is a postal item in the form of a written message, possibly with another attachment that is intended for the exchange of various information between people.

Initially, the letter was presented in the form of a text message, which is written on paper or on a similar medium, for example, on a sheet of parchment, a piece of birch bark or a clay shard in the form of sign systems of speech fixation. This makes it possible to transmit various information over long distances.

Today the letter has retained its main function and carries, in the first place, information purpose. Only the method of transferring the letter has changed: it is an electronic way, for example, using e-mail.

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What is a letter?