The composition “My favorite subject is drawing”

I’m a 4-grade student and every day I go to school. We have a lot of different educational disciplines: mathematics, Russian language, natural science, reading, English, works, drawing, physical culture. And all these subjects have to be studied, because to enter the university I have to learn absolutely everything.

From the list of school subjects my favorite is drawing. Mom told me that as soon as I learned to walk, I already painted. First, for creative work, I was given finger paints, then I took pencils, a brush and watercolors. Now I go to school and look forward to drawing lessons. We have a very good teacher, she is very interesting about her subject, and all students listen open their mouths. She even has her own picture gallery, and her works are sold even abroad. It is the great efforts of our teacher that I have the most good impressions about this subject.

Our teacher knows about the subject of drawing all the subtleties and tries to teach us. I listen

with enthusiasm to her and try to translate all knowledge into paper, embodying it in the drawing. Of course, it does not always work out well, but every day I paint better. My teacher very much praises my work, and tells my parents that I am a very gifted child. I am very grateful to the teacher for the high marks of my work. Some of my drawings have already visited children’s creative competitions. I won only once, but I’m not upset and I understand that in order for the work to be the best, you have to work hard and sharpen your skills.

In our lessons we paint still-lifes, landscapes, objects, people and their portraits, animals. For interesting work, we try to draw with colored and wax pencils, watercolor, oil paints. Very beautiful work is obtained when you paint with charcoal. Particularly well, I have human faces. With the help of an angle, it is very possible to draw a contour of the eye and hair. Portraits are very lively and natural. We always have harmony at the lesson. Do not fool around even hooligans, absolutely all guys are addicted to interesting work.

Perhaps, it’s true, I have the ability to paint, but, in my opinion, I have rather mediocre works. But in the drawing class, I always get the highest score.

I really hope that drawing will remain for me not only my favorite school subject, but it will become my main job when I grow up.

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The composition “My favorite subject is drawing”