Why study?

This question is both very light and very difficult at the same time. As it is clear to everyone: you need to learn to know a lot, be able to, get a profession, become someone you want, and then work hard, earn a lot, help your parents, start a family, etc., etc.

In fact, all this is not the answers. Of course, if you can not read, count and write at all, it’s almost impossible to live. This is also clear to everyone. But here’s how to learn? How much to learn? study? These are difficult questions. And for each of them you can answer in different ways, write a lot.

I think, if we say briefly, we need to study in order to become necessary for many. After all, with an intelligent, that is, with a literate real man, everyone wants to communicate, be friends, spend interesting time. And I think it’s a blessing when people with different characters and habits, different life experiences and skills are with you.

And who is interested in a fool, a limited, dark, stupid subhuman? And why is this our short life given to? Not to study means not to live.

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Why study?