“At the lesson of literature”

Among all the subjects that we study in school, I most like the lessons of literature. From early childhood I really like reading different books. They are like a parallel universe of interesting people and events. And besides this literature is closely connected with real life and highlights its various aspects. Great writers and poets in their works raise important problems of man and society, try to answer the philosophical questions of love, justice, good.

For me, the lesson of literature is not just acquaintance with the work of another writer. It’s also like a personal acquaintance with himself. As the Bible says, “The tree is known by its fruits.” So a person who finds himself in literature, the closest you can learn from the fruits of his work. Often writers and poets endow their own character traits, thoughts, feelings and desires of the heroes of their works.

In addition, the lesson of literature reveals before us how and in what circumstances

this or that work was born, which led to its creation. The study of composition and artistic means helps to understand how the work has found its form. You can learn from the great masters of the elegance of speech and the creation of images, in order to one day, perhaps, write your book.

Although it takes a lot of time to prepare for the literature lesson, it’s not a problem for me at all, since reading is my favorite way of spending time. And preparing for the lesson, I rather rest than work hard. And, in my opinion, it’s very good, because it always turns out better when you do what you like.

At school, we study many subjects that give us information about different phenomena in the world. In the lessons we learn a lot of new things. I like some subjects more, some less. In many respects because of how interesting lessons are.

My favorite lesson is literature, both Russian and foreign. What I particularly like is that it seems to take us to another time and another culture. Before us there are figures of writers and poets of the past centuries, in the pages of their works we see the

life and characters of people who once lived before us. It is in literary works that fictional characters appear before us, as if alive, filled with their own thoughts and feelings. Together with them we experience exciting and often tragic events, as if becoming a part of history.

I like it when in the lesson of literature we learn about the life of the writer himself or the poet, about those events that prompted him to write the work. In addition, I like reading by roles and character composition. I like to learn beautiful poems about nature or people. They seem to convey to me the feelings that the poets experienced when they created them.

Literature lessons are not only informative, they also develop the ability to correctly and beautifully talk, empathize with heroes, and also open up to us an amazing world of events in which we would otherwise not have visited, and people who would not have been otherwise met.

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“At the lesson of literature”