How to write a business letter correctly

In the course of work, we often come across official documents. And sometimes it happens that any employee in addition to the task of receiving correspondence, there is a need to respond to it. How to write a business letter correctly? Many people face this question daily. And this means that it’s time to learn how to write officially and competently.

Structure of the business letter

Regardless of the content of official correspondence, there are norms and requirements for writing it. Modern technology allows you to write two types of letters – paper and electronic. They have few differences, but they still have their own characteristics. Therefore, we consider both options.

Drawing up a paper business letter

The structure of official calls looks something like this:

Appeal. It replaces the greeting in a business letter and begins with the words “Dear (s) …”. It is located in the center of the page and begins with a capital

letter. Further nuances. For example, in the West it is customary to apply only by name, and in Russia by name of patronymic. If it is a question of the military, the greeting may look like this: “Dear Comrade Colonel”. If you write an official invitation, then you can use the options “Ladies and Gentlemen” or “Dear Sirs”. There are several options for starting a business letter. To stop better on the one that is adopted in the country where you live and in the collective where you work.

Main part. It consists of several paragraphs and includes the basic information that you want to convey to the addressee. This can be a description of the situation, an expression of your opinion, a request, condolences, etc. It is also important to remember the rules of communication in official letters. If you write on behalf of a company, company, or company, that application is written from the third person of the sole person (the company: “warns”, “reminds”, “notifies”, etc.). Another option is the first person of the plural: “inform,” “notify,”

“direct,” and so on.

The conclusion. Here it is worthwhile to add the conclusions from the main above-mentioned part and to provide logical justifications. For example: “I’m sure that you will give an assessment of the situation and express your point of view.”

P. S. Additional completion of the business letter. It is not used often in official correspondence, but it is quite acceptable if you do not know how to finish a business letter. Postscript may contain information that is indirectly related to the subject of the letter or that has occurred already after its writing. For example: “Tomorrow at 12:00, there will be a meeting of directors dedicated to this issue.”

After the main part is written, it is important not to forget about the rules for writing a business letter:

After the conclusion or a postscript it is necessary to put the signature, to specify your post, a surname, a name and a patronymic. Also, before the signature is allowed a polite form: “Yours faithfully,” “Sincerely yours,” “In the hope of a productive partnership,” etc. The signature must be followed by its decoding. Example: “With respect, the head of the group of companies” Hellas “Ltd. Ivanov VS”.

If the application requires attachments, they are processed as separate pages.

Business letters should be written on special forms that correspond to the normative of official documents. The following requisites should be present on the form: the name of the organization, the legal address, phone and fax number, date and document number, if this is a reply letter, there should be a link to the number and date of the received letter, addressee, title, text, application mark, signature and phone.

And how correctly to issue a business email?

Business e-mail must meet the same requirements. However, there are a number of nuances that should be considered when writing it and sending it. Parts of a business letter in the global network look like this:

“cap” text in the corporate style of the company;


Appeal, description of its purpose, etc.;


Personal signature and contacts of the sender (today anyone can make himself an electronic signature);

Link to the company’s website and logo;

Also, when sending, you must fill out the “Subject” and “To” fields.

On this difference, letters of paper and electronic are coming to an end. The main thing is that in both cases do not allow superfluous information and observe tactfulness when addressing the addressee. Then the question of how to write a business letter will no longer disturb you.

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How to write a business letter correctly