Composition on “Letter to a friend”

I really miss you! You know, the whole day I spend in reading the literature, which was asked in school for the summer. Only in the evening I go out for a walk. We have very hot. Mom says that you can get a heat stroke, if you stay in the courtyard until five o’clock in the evening. The school doctor told us this too. You take care of yourself? How are you? How do you spend your summer?

Two days ago I returned from a children’s health camp. He brought with him so many emotions, joy and inspiration! There I went to a modeling circle, and my teacher and I learned how to make a plane from cardboard. It’s not just paper cut out on the contour. This is a real model of the Li-2! I presented this model to my grandfather, he is very fond of military equipment. And I’ll make another Li-2!

In the camp, we did not miss a day! There were various events, there were discos every day. We swam in the pool and went to the beach. All the guys from my squad are very

good, with many of them exchanged telephone numbers – we will walk together in the city and communicate! I also sunbathed. In general, I really liked it.

My grandmother and mother also send you greetings, Anechka. They are interested in how things are with your parents and your newly born brother. We do not know how you called the baby. Tell me more about him!

I also want to know how you finished the school year! In the last letter you did not write about it. Are you all right? I’ve finished on “excellent”, for such merit in school I was given an encyclopedia. Very interesting book! There are a lot of topics collected, I can not tear myself away from it when I sit down to read. I will definitely give you to read, you’ll like it!

Write me right away how you get the letter! I am sad to sit at home, and all my friends went to the sea with their parents, to the village to grandparents or children’s camps. I feel lonely. I await your answer!

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Composition on “Letter to a friend”