Composition “Visiting a friend”

My best friend is a very good person, we can look for adventures, play and invent different games. Recently he had a birthday. I really liked it. His mother bought a big cake and arranged a real holiday. I was also invited. I very long chose a gift, trying to find what my friend dreams about. He wants a lot of interesting things, but they are very difficult to get. I think that he will like what I bought.

On the day of his birth we all gathered together. Everyone brought something of their own. Our friend was very happy with every package or box. He was happy. At the table we were waiting for a lot of sweets, which all at once began to eat. It was very fun. I remember how our friend began telling interesting stories. Then everyone listened to him. And we played a lot of games. Only now they made a lot of noise, my parents did not say anything. On this special day they allowed us to be a bit of a treat, but only today. We even managed to play with gifts. Everyone was happy.

When it’s time to pack up and go home, I’m a little sad. I did not want to leave my friend alone. If it was possible, I stayed here to help him lay down new toys. Before leaving, we said goodbye. I promised that tomorrow I will definitely come to visit.

We had a lot of fun. I’d like to spend this time again. It seemed to all that it could not be better. We played a lot, ate sweet and just talked. Everyone liked it. It is a pity that Birthday is only once. I would be happy to come once again on such a holiday, to have a good time.

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Composition “Visiting a friend”