Letter to best friend

Hello, Dima! I congratulate you on the last holidays: New Year and Merry Christmas!

I was eager to write to you earlier, but I decided to wait until the end of the holidays to describe to you all the news and interesting events.

It is a great pity that we live in different cities and see you only in the summer, having a rest at our grandmother’s. But I often remember and tell my friends how fun we spend with you summer vacations: we swim in the river, ride on the “tarzanka”, bake potatoes at the stake and many, many other our activities. All my city friends are simply delighted with my stories – not all of them have the opportunity to so relax.

In your last letter, you told me how in September your class went camping into the forest. I was so pleased that I persuaded all the guys from our class and even our classy – Svetlana Nikolaevna – to make the same tourist trip! Everyone liked it! After all, a journey along unknown trails

is not only a wonderful holiday. We learned a lot of interesting things: about plants-compasses and plants-watches, about colors predicting the weather, learned to collect mushrooms and medicinal herbs. And how to have a good rest on the forest edge after a long transition! I also learned that orientation can be done by compass, the sun, the moon, the stars, the surrounding objects, local signs, maps. The most important thing is to determine the sides of the horizon. And how is your sister Julia? You wrote that she was in hospital all August. I hope that she has already recovered.

Do you remember how in the summer, in the heat, we dreamed of winter and winter holidays? We were so impatiently waiting for her to come! And then winter came into its own. We have very good weather – snow, as they say, knee-deep, frosty frost! You go, and the snow under your feet creaks to different voices: then stronger, then quieter, then in a thin voice, then in a lower voice. You can play snowballs, ride on sledges, skis and skates, build fortresses out of snow. I have long ago pulled out of the pantry all winter “gear”,

and you?

Before the New Year, my parents and I went to a sports store, and they gave me a New Year’s gift – they bought new sports skis. We chose for so long that I now know about skiing almost everything. Do you know, for example, that they choose skis for growth? To do this, they are placed next to you, and you raise your hand: the fingers must reach the end of the skis. To receive such a gift, I tried to finish the first semester without bad grades. Then we went to buy presents to all the rest of the family and, of course, the Christmas tree.

How did you celebrate the New Year? Where? With whom? It was fun, probably it was! Be sure to write me!

We met the New Year at home, then went to the square, watched the salute, walked around the main city tree. The people are dark, and all are so happy, friendly, congratulate each other! Then the parents met good acquaintances, and they invited them to their place, and Andrei (he became so important, let go of the mustache, you’ll see – do not know) went to celebrate with his fellow students. So I stayed with my grandparents. They watched TV, called all friends and relatives, congratulated them on holidays, ate all sorts of goodies. The table, as always in the New Year, was bursting with all sorts of salads, pies, mushroom, fish and sweet dishes. About three o’clock in the morning Andrew came back and said that their company would now arrange a real firework in our yard. Of course, I could not miss this! It was so cool! The sky was colored with all the colors of the rainbow!

I really hope that you will come to my birthday – April 15. And before that we will write to each other.

Once again I congratulate you and your whole family on the last holidays and wish you all the very best! Say hello to Anya, Kostya and all the guys. See you!

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Letter to best friend