What did my friend tell me about?

I like to visit my friend Alisa. I remember how interesting it was to get to her the first time.

Alice is a passionate lover of dogs. The walls of her room are hung with posters depicting dogs of various breeds. Alisa dreams of becoming a professional cynologist and gives a lot of time to preparing for this. My friend’s bookcase is filled with books and magazines on the upbringing, training and breeding of dogs. Alice is already an experienced trainer. Her dog Dick – a big shaggy dog ​​- obeys her unquestioningly and performs many commands.

Alice’s desk is littered with a whole mountain of magazines, notebooks, leaves, folders. Finding the right thing in this pile is very difficult for a stranger, but my girlfriend is guided in it without difficulty. Alice is a very hardworking girl, but she does not like cleaning. She believes that maintaining order on the table is a useless occupation.

On the chair lies an open album, in which an unfinished pencil sketch. Drawing is another favorite thing for Alice. She can, when she grows up, become the designer of children’s books.

Next to the table, in the corner, lies Dick’s mattress, a large gnawed bone and a rubber ball, while Dick sits under the table and closely follows his mistress.

Heavy bookshelves hang on the walls high enough – without a chair they can not be reached. Here are the books of Alice’s favorite authors – Krapivin and Bulychev, as well as a variety of fantasy. My friend really likes to read and wants to collect a vast library.

Roller skates Alice are right at the door. Dick is very happy when the hostess takes them for a walk, because then you can rush along the roads next to Alice and bark loudly and joyfully!

It’s very interesting to visit my friend. She always has something new, besides she is a fan of permutations. My friend does not like and does not know how to be bored!

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What did my friend tell me about?