It’s good to study that means writing

Everyone from early childhood is trained to learn. When a teenager comes to school, it captures an interesting life. He recognizes a whole sea of ​​words, a loud ocean of speech picks him up at the wide doors of the school. Through live conversations of teachers, the pages of hundreds of books for the first time he sees an immensely complex universe. A strict formula of mathematics abruptly flashes on the blackboard of the class. Through the word, we learn what we have never seen or known. At the lessons of the Russian language we learned that studying the structure of a word is an exciting activity. A joyful and bitter song of verse flies in literature lessons. Nature lessons help us to better know and love the animal and plant world of forests, fields and deserts.

Many mysteries are revealed to those who study science, technology, crafts, art – life. To know the world, you have to read a lot, study at lessons, not missing a single word of the teacher. After all, then

you can learn to talk not only in Russian, but also in foreign languages. And it’s so exciting! Foreign languages ​​help us communicate with people from other countries, understand them, and learn a lot of interesting things.

Everything is done by language. That’s why we must learn.

It’s hard to learn – it’s easy to fight.

It is difficult to learn, but interesting.

At school, we get knowledge from different areas of human life: nature, exact sciences, history, culture. We find answers to many questions. And how many secrets and mysteries still nature contains! Teachings are everyday work, which in the future will bear fruit. Someone will treat people, build cities, fly into space. Everyone will do what they like, but to achieve this, knowledge is needed. This knowledge a person receives at school, then at the institute. And many learn all their lives!

If you are used to work from childhood, then in the future the world will reveal to you all its beauty and diversity. You will learn many wonderful and wonderful things! You must learn!


needs knowledge in everyday life. We must be able to read, write, count. Modern man is surrounded by a lot of technology not only in production, but also in everyday life. We need knowledge to understand all the diversity of the surrounding world.

You need to learn to get good knowledge. An educated person feels confident, he has many friends. At present, to get a good job, you need deep and versatile knowledge, knowledge of foreign languages. School helps us to get the foundation of knowledge

Understand what you want from life and do not be lazy to take steps in the right direction.

This still has nothing to say if it’s good to study

It means to strive for the goal.

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It’s good to study that means writing