Day at school

My regular school day begins with my coming to school. Previously, we lived a long way, and I got to school by bus, so I had to get up at seven. Now I live not far away, so I wake up at half past seven in the morning. I go to school on foot, it’s not at all difficult. Walking is interesting, especially when your best friend is near.

The first lesson is Russian. We study new rules, perform exercises, write dictations, compositions, exposition. These lessons teach us the right speech, a culture of communication. I have always considered and still consider Russian language lessons to be among the most important among the subjects of study. Without knowledge of one’s native language, it is impossible to achieve major successes in studying other subjects, where there is a lot of theoretical material and one needs to learn from textbooks.

The second and third lessons are given, usually, also to serious subjects. This, most often, mathematics and history or biology.

If mathematics, like the Russian language, is a written subject, then history or biology are oral subjects. It is important to be able to listen and tell what you learned or read at home, as well as what you remember from the teacher’s explanation.

The fourth lesson is IZO, physical education or music. This, as usual, is our favorite items. Why? Because almost everyone can express themselves here, they often get good grades, and on the ISE and music there is an opportunity to show their creativity. Physical training takes place either in the gym, if the weather is bad, or on the sports ground, if the weather is normal.

All subjects are held in separate offices. Each cabinet is decorated in its own way, and each of them is good in its own way. In the office of Russian on the walls are beautiful stands with rules and memos. In the study of mathematics invaluable help is rendered by various tables, and a huge sliding board on which almost all the material of the lesson fits is of particular interest.

The fifth and sixth lessons are labor training. These lessons are held by the girls in the office of labor, and we, the boys, in the workshops. We are taught the things that are sure to be useful to us in life: working with wood, with metal, the basics of plumbing. A very important and interesting subject is labor training. All the guys adore it.

So my usual school day passes. Each day is full of many interesting and different things, and it’s simply impossible to talk about each of them!

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Day at school