My hobby

I have a lot of favorite hobbies. I like to read, I like to ride a bike, and I really like the story. But my most important hobby is drawing.

I started painting when I was still young. Mom and Dad very often gave me markers of various colors, colored pencils and beautiful, snow-white paper for drawing. I liked to paint something beautiful on a blank sheet, plants, animals, sometimes people. Therefore, I myself often made postcards for my mother and father.

However, my first drawings were not the best. Something turned out to be crooked, something did not work at all. But I always continued to draw. Now, I think I draw very well. My work hangs on the walls in my room. I often send my creations to the contests of children’s drawings and often receive diplomas and prizes.

Moreover, I go to art school. I really like it there. In the art school reigns a real atmosphere of skill and creativity. We usually draw still lifes, sometimes people. In the summer we go to the open air and draw nature, flowers, forests, trees, houses.

Now my drawings are pretty good. But one day I want to learn how to draw like great Russian artists I. Shishkin, I. Aivazovsky and K. Bryullov! I’m sure I can draw even better if I try.

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My hobby