How to write a letter correctly

Probably, every person at least once in his life wrote letters to friends, relatives, colleagues or work partners. And for sure you noticed that not every tone of the letter comes to this or that situation. So, for example, friends will have fun if you send them a message in an official business style. And the partners, most likely will not appreciate the playful tone of the message. In order not to get in trouble, it is worth learning about how to write correctly and correctly write letters.

There are 3 groups of letters in total. Each of them has its own nuances of style and design.

1. Personal letters – addressed to close people, friends, beloved, family members.

2. Semi-official letters. Their household situations for writing a letter about requesting any information, receiving goods, etc.

3. Official letters or, otherwise, business. These are formal messages exchanged among themselves, as a rule, by organizations. This type implies the use of an

official style for giving the message impartiality and unambiguous interpretation.

How to learn how to write personal letters correctly?

This is a very simple task. Letters to loved ones and loved ones are written in a free style. Use the usual spoken language, put in jokes, apply affectionate words – everything is possible in a personal letter. How to start writing a personal letter? Refer to the person as if he is nearby.

Personal letters do not have strict limits. Unless – do not forget to subscribe at the end, so that the addressee understands, from whom the messages: “With love, Masha”, “with respect, Ivan Ivanovich”, “your Kisa”, etc. However, sending a letter through e-mail, you can signatures and do not put or use a universal signature that will automatically be placed at the end of any letter.

How to write official and semi-official letters correctly?

Business correspondence is a very broad topic, meaning a whole list of official and semi-official messages. Let’s describe the most common variants.

Letters to various

organizations are made in this way:

The address is necessarily indicated; date of writing the letter; if you know exactly the name of the addressee, it is better to start this way: “Dear (FIO)”; if you do not know the name or names of the addressees, you can contact: “Dear Sirs”; on the right in the corner you need to leave a space for the letter number.

Information, requests, complaints, etc. are written in a simple and understandable syllable, without a transition to personalities. How to write a newsletter correctly? It is better if the information is briefly and in essence. After sending a letter to the organization, it is worth keeping a copy of it.

If you write to the organization asking you to confirm this or that information, do not forget to leave your return address in the upper right corner. Also, be sure to write down the date and refer to the source of the information you received.

How to write a thank you letter? This correspondence serves to strengthen the partnership between organizations and employees. Messages should clearly reflect the main idea, be concise, understandable for perception. Do not forget to mention in the text what you thank the addressee for.

What should I write at the end of the letter?

In case you write a business message on paper, put a date, name, initials, signature. In electronic messages, a universal signature is often used, where the following information is indicated: “Sincerely, Full Name” And then – contacts on which you can contact a person.

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How to write a letter correctly