Composition “In the form of a letter”

Dear friend, I write to you with the best wishes. I received your letter, for which I very much thank you.

I still spend my holidays in the village, visiting grandparents. I really like it here, so I’ll stay here until the end of the summer. I have a lot of friends here. We spend time with them cheerfully: we play football, we go to bathe on small river, in a wood behind berries. The guys are kind, windy.

I help my grandmother. She has a small farm: chickens, rabbits and goats.

With Grandpa a couple of times went fishing. They got up very early, when it was just starting to lighten when the grass was still under the weight of the morning dew. Here it is caught perch, crucian, roach. My grandfather is an experienced fisherman, so we never returned without a catch.

From fishing, Vaska cat always meets us first. Oh, he’s a lover of fish! But Druzhok, a dog, he does not eat a fish, but he accompanies us for fishing. He is with us until the end. Well,

the third angler!

The weather is real summer. Many sunny days, in the gardens a good harvest ripens. And nature is like that! You leave in the morning on the porch of the house – and you are greeted by a green sea of ​​trees, bushes, various colors of flowers, birds singing. Here – it’s not in town for you. Here the whole day is rich with new discoveries, new research.

I also went to the village library – I read a lot of works that we were asked on the basis of extracurricular reading. But to be honest, it’s boring to read when everything around you is full of life. I read only before going to bed, and not every day. Sometimes you get tired so much that your eyes just stick together.

The days pass very quickly. Soon to school, but honestly, I do not want to go to school yet. I would really like to see you and the other guys. We talked b.

Write – how do you rest, what do you do, what do you know about ours. Say hello to them if you see them.

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Composition “In the form of a letter”