Composition of the garden

The garden is the most favorite place in the summer. All the trees in the garden have already faded, and they begin to keep up the fruit. What trees grow in our gardens? The most favorite and popular tree is the apple tree. More trees, which are often found in the garden – pear, plum, in the south of Russia – apricot. And, of course, cherry, for good reason, Chekhov wrote a whole play called “The Cherry Orchard”. And in the corner of the garden they often break raspberry.

Such is my grandmother’s in the village. And I spend most of the summer in this garden. My parents and I go to the sea for two weeks in August, and the rest of the time I stay with my grandmother. In the summer I like to wake up early and go barefoot into the yard, and from there to the garden. The grass under the trees is wet with dew, although the sun is already starting to get hot. In an hour the grass dries. Grandmother prepares breakfast – porridge or pancakes and we eat

them right in the garden, behind a small white table. I help her a little after breakfast, and then I take a veil and a book and go to the garden to read. Or I just fall into the tall grass and look at the sky and dream about something very good. And you can get into the raspberries and collect raspberries for a long time. It seems to me that this is the most delicious berry, and so beautiful.

And my most favorite tree is the old tall pear tree. There are two branches that seem to cross each other, and my grandmother allowed me to make my “house” there. It’s very simple: just a canopy and a few boards instead of the floor, but I really like to sit there and read or something to invent. I generally like to climb trees. But on the sink I’ll never settle: on its trunk too much gluten, you get dirty and then you can not wash for a long time.

In the neighboring yards there are also children who come for the summer to their grandmothers. We all are friends with each other. Most of all we like to play Cossack robbers, running through the gardens, hiding in the grass and behind the trees.

and in another tree there is a hollow, where we send notes to each other. The very first apples that appear in the grandmother’s garden are white pouring. They are so juicy, a bit sourish. They keep up very quickly, in a week – they have just begun and have already ended and they can not be kept for long. And the grandmother cooks jam from them. In the winter, she bakes pies with him.

Sixteen trees are in our garden. And my grandmother also has flowers that need watering. These are the zinnias and roses. When I’m on vacation, it’s my duty. I draw water from the well and run with a bucket, pouring half on myself. In the summer, when it’s hot, it’s very nice. But the flowers must be poured very carefully. In the evenings, the forest garden is filled with noise. Even hard to believe that insects with such small wings can so chirp, make such loud noises. And sometimes the fireflies fly – small bugs-flashlights. I love them very much.

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Composition of the garden