Composition on the theme “Miniature”

Spring is a time for the awakening of nature. After a deep winter sleep under a snow cover thaws the frozen ground. Warming up under the warm rays of the sun, the trees come to life. From the snow the first flowers of spring are visible – white snowdrops.

From distant warm edges, migratory birds return and bring their melodic sonorous songs with them. Everywhere you can smell the spring. Large buds on trees and bushes quickly open, turning into bright green young leaves. The gardens blossom, and their sweet aroma carries a warm spring breeze in all directions.

Every day it’s warmer. The snow melted and the ground was covered with fresh green grass. The wind is constantly blowing, but it is already soft, warm, filled with the aroma of the first flowers. The sun warms up, and birds sing in the branches of the trees that they have returned from the warm edges. The kidneys swelled and are about to turn into young leaves. Cherry and apricots blossom, sending around a sweet aroma. Soon the gardens will stand as if in a white fog.

All the long day, the weather is more pleasant. May will bring the first spring storm and a downpour that will give the land a life-giving moisture. Spring is a time of awakening and renewal of nature, full of beauty and joy.

Spring came. The sun shone and melted the snow. White snowdrops blossomed and blue splashes. The buds swelled on the branches of the trees. Soon the first leaves will appear, and under the trees will grow grass. In the spring it becomes warm. I like to walk outside and breathe fresh air. When the trees bloom, they smell very nice. And the birds begin to sing, returning from afar from the winter. I love spring for the warmth and beauty of nature.

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Composition on the theme “Miniature”