Writing is my favorite place

In life, each person has a favorite place, where he periodically returns regardless of his employment and opportunities. I also have such places. Each of these places has something very important in my life that I can never cross out. In my native St. Petersburg, I have a favorite place – the Summer Garden.

St. Petersburg is always good, in any weather and at any time of the year. But every corner of it, every monument has its own favorite time, when it is fully revealed before us. For the Summer Garden such a happy time is golden days of autumn. Blossomed with its grandiose colors, he is solemnly thoughtful and majestic.

I like to walk around Petersburg, and the Summer Garden, in my opinion, is one of the best and most beautiful places in our city. Such an impression I had when I first visited him. The most beautiful summer garden is in autumn. The leaves of the trees echo the gilt ornaments of the fence, the spreading tree crowns are hot in the clear air. Pale yellow,

amber, purple leaves lie on the naked marble shoulders of statues, on granite pedestals, picked up by the wind, dance on the alleys, pleasantly rustle underfoot.

Also in the Summer Garden I really like the Summer House of Peter I. Peter I loved his Summer Palace very much. In this cozy comfortable house, not intended for official celebrations and receptions, the king lived usually from April to October-November. Most avenues of the Summer Garden are our history. Standing on the main avenue, the statue of the time god of Saturn seems to remind those entering the garden about the flickering centuries. Direct, as in the line drawn alleys, are protected by dense green walls. In squares and rectangles between the alleys there are even rows of strange trees: instead of spreading furry crowns, tree trunks are crowned with spheres, cubes, pyramids. From the outside it looks very impressive and beautiful.

I walk among the shady alleys,

And the leaves fall, whirling.

In your arms of radiant

Stronger burning passion.

I love your piers so much,

Cathedrals, parks and gardens,

In your eyes I meet love.

My glorious city! It’s you!

It seems to me that the Summer Garden is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And I will hope that over time he will not lose his beauty and elegance. I want it to remain always so beautiful and it attracts people from all over the world. Each time the Summer Garden leaves in my memory a pleasant memory. And I think that in the future it will leave a world footprint in the history of mankind.

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Writing is my favorite place