“Summer is a little life” composition

Summer is a wonderful time of the year, which is able to warm everyone with its warmth. This season is called to give planting and reverence. For every schoolboy – this is the most long-awaited time, a gift of fate for hard work throughout the school year.

What can you do in the summer? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a trip to the sea. Sea! What happiness and grace! Yellow sand on a huge sea beach so pleasantly penetrates through fingers, it pleasantly warms up the body. I always liked to look for different beautiful shells for my collection, from which then turned out beautiful necklaces and rings. We must, of course, not forget about the sea water, which has already warmed up so much that it is similar to fresh milk. I adore lying on the waves, flopping and diving. Swimming is one of the best activities that revitalizes our body. In the water you can spend a lot of time and just enjoy the rest. Still it is necessary to recollect and about pure sea air,

inhaling which you feel a special aroma and freshness.

But this is not the only occupation that can be in the summer. My parents often took me to my grandmother in the village. And there – clean air, animals that just walk around the yard. At the grandmother it is possible to climb simply on a tree and to eat up any tasty fruit. I especially liked to tear off the cherry and eat in an exorbitant amount! And also we must pay tribute to fresh vegetables, which were ripped off simply from the garden. They seemed to me a thousand times more delicious than in the market. I was the best aunt of my grandmother and learned to manage, manage animals, take care of the garden. I really liked it and brought a lot of positive feelings. And, even when muscles ached from work, I took it as a sporting load. In general, I had a great time with my grandmother in the village.

During the holidays I really enjoyed playing with my friends. We had a lot of fun and interesting together. Warm, even hot evenings, we always found a lot of wonderful and useful lessons. Particularly interesting to us seemed to come up with new and unusual games, relay races, competitions.

Of course, we must also remember that it is necessary to read the books that we were asked for the summer. This occupation takes a long time. I was interested to read something new and useful.

Summer is a wonderful and important time in the life of every schoolboy! It gives us the opportunity to gain new strength before the upcoming school year.

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“Summer is a little life” composition