Painting by Brodsky “The Summer Garden in Autumn”

The artist Isaak Brodsky became famous as a remarkable portrait painter, author of genre scenes, large canvases depicting a lot of people. But he also loved landscapes. In the painting “Summer Garden in Autumn” he appears as a subtle lyric poet, skilfully conveying the mood and beauty of nature.

The painting takes us to one of the most beloved parks of St. Petersburg – the Summer Garden, in one of its remote side alleys. There grow old, powerful trees, they seem to be many years old. Probably the same as the Summer Garden itself. One of the last days of the golden autumn. The bright sun is shining. The day is joyful, pleasant, warm. The foliage of the trees is yellow, but it is already noticeably thinner, so the crowns are translucent, but on the ground there are a lot of orange fallen leaves. High trunks of trees rest against the azure sky, on which white clouds float. In the depths of the bench mall.

We see tiny figures of people who came to rest in the park, spend a sunny day here. They revitalize the landscape, as if bringing it closer to us. We, too, could be among those who walk along the avenue. In the foreground of the picture the dark shadows of trunks and branches cross on the earth with a bizarre pattern. This emphasizes the power with which the sun shines. Enhances the feeling of a sunny day.

The artist uses typical colors for golden autumn – all shades of yellow, orange brown. He writes autumn poetically, lovingly, offering the viewer not only to look into the corner of the Summer Garden, but also to admire them. On the right side of the avenue the sun’s rays beautifully illuminate a dirty-white wooden pergola with carved handrails. Now it is empty. And soon, very soon, the avenue will be empty, the leaves will fall completely, the rains will pour. But, until this happens, we can still enjoy the beautiful picture of autumn.

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Painting by Brodsky “The Summer Garden in Autumn”