Favorite corner of nature

My favorite corner of nature is right in front of our house. It is a front garden – a small fenced garden. It was broken by one of the tenants of our house, Viktor Ivanovich. Every day he could be seen in this front garden. He looked after the cherry trees, which were generously fruited, with apple trees, apricot trees. There are berry bushes in the front garden. Here grow and ordinary trees: linden and mountain ash. And there is no free patch of land, not counting the paths. Straight to a small painted bench stretches a flower bed. The fence of the front garden is uncomplicated. It is made of dry branches of trees. Over time, Viktor Ivanovich planted wild grapes along the entire fence, and soon it was difficult to see a man behind the hedge. Perhaps, because of this hedge, we did not immediately notice that Viktor Ivanovich stopped appearing there. From neighbors learned,

One evening I went into the front garden, sat down on a bench. It seemed to me that Victor Ivanovich was just about to creak the gate. This corner of nature has been opened to me in a new way. Everywhere the caring hand of an elderly man was felt. Each tree, including a linden and a rowan tree, is carefully entrenched. Between the flowers on the bed there is not a single blade of grass. When some flowers close at night, others spread their petals.

The front garden is not only my favorite place. Today, next to me, not at all afraid of me, sparrows argued about something. On the mountain ash sat down forty. She looked at me, at the sparrows.

Drained by the coolness, sharply smelled the reseda. I got up. Sparrows did not even pay attention to me.

“Tomorrow, I’ll definitely see Viktor Ivanovich in the hospital,” I decided.

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Favorite corner of nature