Summary “Grandma’s Garden”

Summary “Grandma’s Garden”

Grandmother’s gift

I had a grandmother. And she loved me very much.

She came to visit us every month and gave us toys. And she brought along a whole basket of cakes.

Of all the cakes she allowed me to choose the one that I like.

And my elder sister Lelyu did not like her grandmother, and did not allow her to choose cakes. She herself gave her what it would be. And from this my little sister Lelya whimpered and angry with me more than with her grandmother.

One fine summer day my grandmother came to our dacha.

She came to the dacha and walked through the garden. She has a basket with cakes in one hand, and a handbag in the other.

And we Lelay ran to her grandmother and greeted her. And with sadness they saw that this time, except for the

cakes, my grandmother brought us nothing.

And then my sister Lelya said to her grandmother:

– Grandma, but except for the cakes, did not you bring us anything today?

And my grandmother was angry with Lelya and so she answered:

“I brought it.” But only I will not give a boorish person who so openly asks about it. The gift will be received by the well-bred boy Minh, who is the best in the world for his tactful silence.

And with these words my grandmother told me to reach out. And on my palm she put ten brand new coins for ten kopecks.

And now I’m standing like a fool and looking with delight at the new coins that lie in my palm. And Lelia also looks at these coins. And she does not say anything. Only her eyes sparkle with an unkind twinkle.

Grandmother admired me and went to drink tea.

And then Lelya hit me hard on the arm from the bottom up, so that all my coins jumped in the palm of their hands and fell into the grass and into the ditch.

And I sobbed so loudly that all the adults – father, mother and grandmother came running. And they all immediately bent down and began to search for my fallen coins.

And when all the coins were collected, except for one, my grandmother said:

– You see, how correctly I acted, that I did not

give Lelke any coins! She is such an envious person. “If, – thinks, – not me, – and not him!” Where, by the way, is this villain at the moment?

To avoid trouble, Lelya, it turns out, climbed a tree and, sitting on a tree, teased me and my grandmother with my tongue.

Neighbor boy Pavlik wanted to shoot at Lelyu from the slingshot to remove it from the tree. But my grandmother would not let him do it, because Lelya could fall and break her leg. Grandmother did not go to this extreme and even wanted to take away from the boy his slingshot.

And then the boy was angry at all of us and at his grandmother, including from afar, shot him with a slingshot.

Grandmother, gasping, said:

“How do you like it?” Because of this villain I was beaten out of the slingshot No, I will not come to you more so that I do not have such stories. Better you: bring me my nice boy Minya. And I will give him presents every time, in the peak of Lelka.

Dad said:

– Good. I will do so. But only you, milf, in vain praise Minka! Of course, Lelya did not do well. But Minka is also not one of the best boys in the world. The best boy in the world is the one who would give his sister a few coins, seeing that she does not have anything. And this he would not bring his sister to anger and envy.

Sitting on her tree, Lelka said:

“And the best grandmother in the world is the one who gives anything to all the children, and not just Minke, who is silly and cunning, and therefore receives gifts and cakes.”

Grandma did not want to stay in the garden anymore.

And all the adults went to drink tea on the balcony.

Then I said to Lele:

“Come on, get off the tree!” I’ll give you two coins.

Lelya got off the tree, and I gave her two coins. And in a good mood went to the balcony and said to the grown-up:

– All the same, my grandmother was right. I am the best boy in the world – I now gave Lele two coins.

Grandmother gasped with delight. And my mother also gasped. But my father, frowning, said:

– No, the best boy in the world is the one who does something good and after that will not boast.

And then I ran into the garden, found my sister and gave her another coin. And he did not say anything about it to adults.

In total, Lelka had three coins, and she found the fourth coin in the grass, where she hit me on the arm.

And for all these four coins, Lelka bought ice cream. And she ate it for two hours, ate, and left with it.

And by the evening, her stomach ached, and Lelka spent a week lying in bed.

And now, guys, has been since many years. And so far I remember the words of Dad.

No, I, maybe, did not manage to become very good. It is very difficult. But to this, children, I always aspired. And that’s good.

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Summary “Grandma’s Garden”