Composition is my favorite holiday destination

In the summer I rest at my grandmother in the village. There are very beautiful places, wonderful nature. I like to go to the forest for mushrooms and berries, walk in a shady park, collect wild flowers. But especially I love our small river.

It is not very wide, but very clean and beautiful. The river has many convenient places for swimming. There are beautiful beaches on which children and adults are sunbathing. But I have my favorite place here, and this place is quite far from the village.

I walk along the river for a long time, I collect flowers along the way, I listen to the restless grasshoppers chirping in the grass. Well, here it is!

Wonderful scenery! The river here is deep. From the shore you can see everything that is happening on the opposite side. A wide green meadow stretches out beyond the river. A small herd of cows is grazing in the meadow. Then you can see the edge of the forest, beyond it – again the boundless expanse. And on the horizon is another, hardly noticeable dark stripe of the forest. And snow-white wadded clouds swim from me to this distant-far horizon. The clouds float so low that I can see each one. As they move, they turn into cute little animals, then into some fantastic monsters.

Near the beach there is a small wooden raft. From it you can dive into the water. In the middle of the river grow beautiful white lilies. It is not easy to get them, and nothing to break this beauty.

So I bathed. The water in the river is so cold that it seems to burn. This is because there are many underground fontanelles.

And the day was hot today. And because, probably, it’s so nice to lie in the thick grass in the sun after swimming!

Time flies by unnoticed, and I’m not at all bored here alone. Communication with nature gives me great joy.

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Composition is my favorite holiday destination