“Tashkent – the city of bread” Neverova in brief

The main characters: Mishka Dodonov – a boy of 12 years, his family – his mother and two brothers, all other relatives of the boy died of hunger, Seryozhka Karpukhin – his friend, the man Prokhor, Trofim, the train driver.

Mishka heard from the peasants in the village that in Tashkent cheap bread, but it’s very difficult to get to the city: there are 2 thousand miles and back. And you need to pay for the ticket and for the pass. Mishka persuades Seryozhka to go with him, only Seryozhka is scared. Tashkent seemed like a fabulous city to Mishka. Mother did not want to leave her son, but she agreed. Mishka took with him a folding knife, a mug, a piece of herbal bread, an old grandmother’s skirt, salt, a rope and two sacks for bread. The boys approached the iron, all climb the roofs of the cars. Mishka jumped on one, but the car then stopped and he had to get off. He learned from the men when the train would go to Tashkent. Mishka and Serezha were lost,

but found in the 3rd class of cars. They quarreled because Sergei did not wait. Seryozha doubted: to steal from Mishka bread or not, but fall asleep.

In the morning the train was delivered, everyone began to climb on him, to push. The boys barely made it to him. Seryozha found a nut, Mishka told him to throw out, the boys play the nut by lot, Mishka wins. At the station everywhere there is dirt, stink, lice, there is nowhere to sit, everyone drives, a lousy muzhik lies on the road and dies, next to him there is a piece of dirty bread. Mishka stole it, the little prince throws pieces of bread on the ground, the boys fight and catch him. Mishka is still thinking about the grain, which he will bring from Tashkent and plant houses. 2 peeled the crock of bread to Sergei, 3 left himself and thinks how much he owes Seryozha. Sergei started diarrhea, he constantly complains and whines, and Mishka already regretted taking it with him. Mishka met the sister of mercy, she listened to him, said that he had Typhoid and at the next station he would be taken to the hospital. Mishka is happy, that there are still kind people on

earth. My sister took him to her car and gave me bread. They wrote Seryozha to the hospital on Mishkino’s name. Mishka took pity on his friend and gave him the nut, but he forgot her on the porch. I staggered around the market, while I went to the hospital, I missed the train. At the station Mishka pushed his aunt and she poured boiling water on her fingers, the boy was grabbed by a policeman and dragged into the ortchek. They told him to bring wood with stowaways. One has fallen down without the strength: she needs food, but nothing. They told him to bring wood with stowaways. One has fallen down without the strength: she needs food, but nothing. They told him to bring wood with stowaways. One has fallen down without the strength: she needs food, but nothing.

In the evening, Mishka found a bone with fish and ate it. He learned from the peasants that in Tashkent bread rises in price, but in Samarkan it is still cheap. In the morning, when he woke up, he saw that his bag with all the “good” was stolen. In the hospital he was told that Seryozha had died, Mishka was crying: sorry for her friend. We fed Mishka in the ortchet and put him on the train. Men want to throw him out of the car, and the boy pretends to be asleep. At station Mishka wanted to go to the toilet, but he was afraid to leave: and suddenly they would not let you go back. Deceived the men in the car. Then they collected money, because the driver would not go that way. Mishka threw a piece of paper, but in the dark no one noticed. Muzik Prokhor all asked Mishka, so that his uncle helped sell all the Kirghiz. Mishka also went to sell, barely managed to catch on to the last car. At the bus stop, everyone is not allowed back. Mishka saw the boy Trofim, who is digging in the garbage, and joined him. The boys saw a dog that had stolen bread, caught up with it and took the bread. Mishka and Trofim made friends and went together. They go on the roof of the train, others also go here. One woman died, it was cold and hungry, the boys warmed each other. Mishka sold the jacket for 2000, they eat bread. The boys want to climb again on the roof, but they are not allowed, and all went on foot. The soldier encourages them with stories about Tashkent, but forces leave everyone.

But here the train appeared, Trofim manages to jump, and Mishka does not. He went alone, not knowing where. The stubborn power of living strengthens his feet. Mishka came to the station, asked the driver for the car. They took him, gave him some boiling water and gave him bread. They dropped him off at the station, told him that they were going to repair, and then they would take Mishka away. The boy buys bread for the last 1,000, starts talking with everyone, asks for alms for entertainment. Mishka sat down again to the machinist, fed him, Mishka could not express the words of gratitude, his eyes shine, he looked lovingly at the machinist and gave him his knife. The boy arrived in Tashkent. At first he ate rotten fruit, he could not find work. And then he worked in the gardens, threshed wheat, brought home grain and bread. His brothers died, his mother was lying sick on the bed. “Okay, there’s nothing to grieve now, I’ll re-start.”

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“Tashkent – the city of bread” Neverova in brief