Whatever I planted a garden

I want to create such a beautiful garden so that people coming to rest here could forget about all the troubles and admire them.

Such a garden often appears in my imagination…

Arch, entwined with ivy. This is the entrance to the garden. From it in different directions are shady paths. In the middle of the garden is a large flower bed, on which tender fragrant roses grow.

This garden is big: everyone can retire, if he wants. There are also lots of real forest in it – with birches, pines, my favorite larches.

What is not in this garden! And cherries, and plums, and cherries, and various shrubs: raspberries, blackberries, red and black currants. Beautiful large apple trees, between which green glades of mint green.

There are Persian terry lilacs, French jasmine and other rare flowers. When they blossom, a delicious aroma spreads throughout the garden. It’s nice to lie somewhere in a mint or sit under a huge spreading apple tree and look at the wonderful nature surrounding you.

But the most delightful corner of the garden is a pool with golden fish, along the edges of which grow lilies and daffodils. Under the most shady trees there are benches. In the depths of the garden there are arbours covered with ivy. Singing birds, jumping hand squirrels, calmly pacing rabbits.

I really dream to create just such a garden!

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Whatever I planted a garden