Composition on the theme “The Birch Grove” by Levitan

The artist Isaak Levitan loved to depict Russian nature. She is the main theme of many of his paintings. “Birch Grove” – ​​one of the best works of this great painter.

The birch is an unusually beautiful tree, many songs and poems are devoted to it. It is not surprising that Levitan, admiring the picturesque corner of the birch grove, decided to transfer to the canvas white trunks of birches, green foliage, radiant grass under the trees. A picture depicting a birch grove on a sunny summer day is full of flowers. We see the overflow of sunlight, the play of light and shadow. Green color, characteristic of summer, is the main one in the picture. But the artist, depicting trees and grass under them, used a variety of colors and shades. We see blue, lilac, brown, pinkish-yellow shades on birches and on the ground.

Juicy paints Levitan used to emphasize the beauty of deciduous forest, the magnificence of the carpet of herbs and flowers. “Birch Grove” – ​​a hymn to the summer, the bright sun and the Russian birch. The artist did not depict the sky, but there is no doubt that it is blue, and white clouds float over it. Looking at the picture, I want to enjoy the warm summer day, sunlight, clear forest air.

Cleverly using bright colors, Levitan was able to create a wonderful image of a dear dear to all of us nature. “Birch Grove” raises the mood, inspires optimism. It is not surprising that this picture is loved by our compatriots for many decades.

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Composition on the theme “The Birch Grove” by Levitan